Sketch 9/26/2010

Was going through some photos on my computer and saw a picture my oldest niece, Anna, had taken of herself. Have always loved it, so I decided to use her as my model for my next sketch. Of course, I added the doodled background. 😉 These have all been drawn in ballpoint pen. No pencil has been used. It forces me to accept any mistakes and to work with them. Plus, I have been trying (as usual) not to spend a ton of time on them. Just enough to get the idea down on paper.


Art Swap Fall 2010!

Do you love to create, share, and receive art? David Pringle (@dpringle) has made it possible for artists to share a piece of themselves with their creative peers. The artists who participate are from all over the world! I participated in the last art swap that was earlier this year in May. The response David was receiving in the Twitter world was really impressive. What made me join was not only the idea of the Art Swap but how everyone else responded. Everywhere I looked on Twitter, I felt people were talking about the Art Swap and was able to see artist’s processes or the photos of the pieces they were going to send out. The thrill of sending a piece to Mexico for @niniamurcielago to enjoy and then receiving beautiful artwork from Petra Mosher (@kaminenmosher) was hard to describe. But I was happy to be a part of the community that was built for the Art Swap.

Once David mentioned he was going to have another Art Swap registration, I immediately signed up no questions asked. This time around we will have to send a piece no larger than 8″x10″ out to our “secret artist” by November 17th. If you are a sculptor, keep the size under 12 inches. If you are a photographer, you will send a high-quality art print from a limited, signed series. I encourage you to jump in and take part in this creative endeavor!

If you would like to learn more about the Art Swap, please visit David’s website to read the rules and sign up!

Two Sketches 9/24/2010

Thought I would post two sketches from my mini sketchbook since I wasn’t fond of one of the sketches. LOL. Wanted to try something different by drawing sunglasses. I used myself as a model and looked at a photograph I had taken a little while ago. Thought about making the sunglasses completely dark but decided against it since I could see my eyes in the photo. But now I feel like it looks as if she has those tinted glasses on.

This is another sketch where I had used myself as a model to give me another idea for a position and a different facial expression. It can be hard to know how the eyelids look when they are at half mast or almost closed. Prefer this one over the previous sketch.

Sketch 9/15/2010

Had a chance to take the time and figure out WordPress. There are so many options and menus to go through that it is easy to become confused. Right now the site isn’t completely where I want it to be, but I am anxious to start showing it off and to post some blogs! For right now, I am planning on keeping my old blog updated with the same entries since I have some subscribers there.

I am LOVING the fact WordPress allows me to add “Pages” to the blog. It will help me to keep my gallery separate and clean from the home page. Plus, I have been wanting to do a links page for a while to showcase all of the wonderfully talented people who surround me in this wonderful world wide web! Will start transferring the links I do have on the old blog to here as well. So consider this blog UNDER CONSTRUCTION. 🙂

Now on to the ART!

Been getting the urge to force myself to do quick sketches in my mini sketchbook or strips of paper at work. I tried not to spend too much time and used only my ballpoint pen. Feel like I need to get back to drawing realistically for a bit. Just to sharpen up my skills again.