Sketch 9/15/2010

Had a chance to take the time and figure out WordPress. There are so many options and menus to go through that it is easy to become confused. Right now the site isn’t completely where I want it to be, but I am anxious to start showing it off and to post some blogs! For right now, I am planning on keeping my old blog updated with the same entries since I have some subscribers there.

I am LOVING the fact WordPress allows me to add “Pages” to the blog. It will help me to keep my gallery separate and clean from the home page. Plus, I have been wanting to do a links page for a while to showcase all of the wonderfully talented people who surround me in this wonderful world wide web! Will start transferring the links I do have on the old blog to here as well. So consider this blog UNDER CONSTRUCTION. 🙂

Now on to the ART!

Been getting the urge to force myself to do quick sketches in my mini sketchbook or strips of paper at work. I tried not to spend too much time and used only my ballpoint pen. Feel like I need to get back to drawing realistically for a bit. Just to sharpen up my skills again.


2 thoughts on “Sketch 9/15/2010

  1. Blog is looking good, and taking shape.
    I like this sketch a lot. Very you!
    Congrats on your WordPress venture. I like WP.

  2. Thank you for commenting, Jose! You are right. This sketch is very me! LOL.

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