Two Sketches 9/24/2010

Thought I would post two sketches from my mini sketchbook since I wasn’t fond of one of the sketches. LOL. Wanted to try something different by drawing sunglasses. I used myself as a model and looked at a photograph I had taken a little while ago. Thought about making the sunglasses completely dark but decided against it since I could see my eyes in the photo. But now I feel like it looks as if she has those tinted glasses on.

This is another sketch where I had used myself as a model to give me another idea for a position and a different facial expression. It can be hard to know how the eyelids look when they are at half mast or almost closed. Prefer this one over the previous sketch.


6 thoughts on “Two Sketches 9/24/2010

  1. LOVE the flowing hair on the second sketch…her expression is so peaceful.
    Mara ;o)

  2. @Mara Spires Thank you, chica! I liked how the hair turned out as well. I think the first one turned out to be more experimental and not the best composition.

  3. Love those glasses, and the smile on the first one.
    The hair blowing, and the perspective on the second too.
    I can see you’re taking advantage of that mini sketchbook. Fun eh?

  4. eh, nothing wrong with experimenting….i agree @ gonzalexx: the glasses are super cool on the first one….i think i was just drawn in more by the movement of the second sketch….both are far better than i’m capable of :o)

  5. @gonzalexx Thanks! I am glad you like the way I did the glasses. Yes, I am definitely taking advantage of the mini sketchbook! Thank you for giving me the idea. 🙂

  6. @Mara Spires Oh I was definitely more drawn to the movement in the second sketch as well. 😉 I am sure you would do better than you think you would. Just takes practice and some patience.

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