Sketch 9/26/2010

Was going through some photos on my computer and saw a picture my oldest niece, Anna, had taken of herself. Have always loved it, so I decided to use her as my model for my next sketch. Of course, I added the doodled background. 😉 These have all been drawn in ballpoint pen. No pencil has been used. It forces me to accept any mistakes and to work with them. Plus, I have been trying (as usual) not to spend a ton of time on them. Just enough to get the idea down on paper.


2 thoughts on “Sketch 9/26/2010

  1. ahhh.. the true concept of Sketch… no refining, it is what it is. And it is good… full of expression. It’s very candid… love the fact that she isn’t looking directly at us. Great job.

  2. Excellent sketch! Just beautiful! I’m sure she’ll want it! I agree with Marty. The fact that she’s looking off to the side gives it drama. I’m sure likeness is high too. Awesome.

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