Sketch 10/7/2010

Still having fun with the mini sketchbook! Here is another pencil-free ballpoint pen sketch. Can’t help but love the cartoon style with the doodled background. Hope all of you have been getting a charge out of these sketches. I am wanting to take my sketches and turn them into finished digital products soon. The only reason why there have been more sketches lately is because I can do them fairly quickly, which is optimal when time is hard to come by.


Doodle and Sketch 10/3/2010

For once, I did spend a little bit of my lunch a few weeks ago doodling on the scrap paper I use to jot things down. Usually I run out of time to do anything of the sort, but I was able to get this doodle out during the half hour.

Now for the pencil-free sketch from my mini-sketchbook, I have been experimenting with the simple cartoonish face and a doodled background. Thrilled with the contrast so far! What do you think?