Doodle and Sketch 10/3/2010

For once, I did spend a little bit of my lunch a few weeks ago doodling on the scrap paper I use to jot things down. Usually I run out of time to do anything of the sort, but I was able to get this doodle out during the half hour.

Now for the pencil-free sketch from my mini-sketchbook, I have been experimenting with the simple cartoonish face and a doodled background. Thrilled with the contrast so far! What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Doodle and Sketch 10/3/2010

  1. That lady looking out to the sea is a classic. I like the design, with the eye, and the shell. It rocks. Great idea. Of course, that upset lady looks great! LOL

  2. You are awesome, Jose! All I have to do is post something, and you leap for the chance to see my work and comment. 🙂 Very sweet of you! Yeah, I thought throwing in some things that seemed a bit random would look nice with the sea doodle.

  3. Ah heck. Its because I like what you draw, and your style. And in the off chance it will make you forget about those chicken nuggets. Oops.

  4. Love them both Jamie… very different from one another… the top one shows your inner Dali… very abstract.. cool.. and the bottom one… has a Disney quality to it. I love it. Pursue the cartoony look… you’re onto something.

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