Sketch 10/7/2010

Still having fun with the mini sketchbook! Here is another pencil-free ballpoint pen sketch. Can’t help but love the cartoon style with the doodled background. Hope all of you have been getting a charge out of these sketches. I am wanting to take my sketches and turn them into finished digital products soon. The only reason why there have been more sketches lately is because I can do them fairly quickly, which is optimal when time is hard to come by.


3 thoughts on “Sketch 10/7/2010

  1. I was going to mention color!!!! I love the doodle background, but in this case, I’d try to make the dress stand out (unless done on purpose). What do you think? I keep bumping into the same when I ink. I just want to plop color into mine, and the safest way would be digital. I’m trying watercolors now, and since I’m not well versed on their use, I get “painted into corners” a lot. That’s a challenge.
    Love the faces, as always. You’ve got a way with them.

  2. Yeah, there really isn’t any clothing. I had her shoulders just fade off. The only thing I made distinct was the collar of a possible shirt or whatnot. Maybe once I digitize it I should finish off her shoulders. I like being able to see the B&W version and go back to it if something screws up. But sometimes it is good to go with the traditional way because it forces you to maybe create a happy mistake. 🙂 Of course, the freedom of being able to make a mistake is felt more with the digital than the traditional. As always, thank you for the comment!

  3. Lovin’ it Doodles …. I’m giving big thumbs up to your inner cartoonist !!

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