Received my Art Swap!

When I came home from work last Friday, my ArtSwap piece was waiting for me! Completely didn’t expect it so soon so it was a pleasant surprise.

Of course, I tore into it carefully and it revealed…

…another box. How many layers protected this piece? Looks like we may be getting close.

Tah dah! Counting the plastic, there were four layers of bundled excitement! Once the clear plastic was taken off, it revealed a wonderfully colorful work titled:

by Mary Koster (@MaryKoster)

She is one sneaky chica too because on the day of shipping the ArtSwap pieces, we were talking about what she was doing for it! I had no idea I was the one she was shipping it out to. I thought she did an excellent job, and I can’t wait to get a frame for it. 🙂 Definitely check out her blog post about her experiences with ArtSwap!


First Attempt: Art Swap pt. 1

Thank you to everyone who put in their vote for the last blog entry! The piece that will be shipping to my Art Swap peer now carries the name: Roxy! There were a ton of votes towards this name. Even though I had a lot of great additional names, I started to bend toward the majority. It helped to get different opinions. 😉

Last weekend I was really artistically charged so I decided to work on a piece for the Art Swap. Unfortunately, I don’t think it ended well but at the beginning it was going great. At least, I will be able to show the evidence of how beautiful it looked before I painted over it. LOL! Now when I work on these, I go straight to the Sharpie. I do not pencil anything in. Personally, I think I get them done faster when I do it this way, but it leaves me wide open for mistakes. Ha!

When I was working on this Sharpie outline, I decided to fill in some places within the design, and I think it really enhanced the piece.

Fall Art Swap WIP

This is actually my second attempt at creating an Art Swap piece. The first one looked great when it was only the Sharpie marker lines, but I the good feeling soon faded when I ended up not being thrilled with it once I painted over top of it. There is something about the painted woman that I don’t like. So I broke out another 8×10 sheet of heavy art paper and started again. Once I finished this Sharpie marker drawing, I was nervous about painting over top of it. I almost didn’t do it, but I have moved on and completed it. NOW it is satisfactory! For the moment, I am only showing you what the line work looks underneath the acrylic.

World Doodle Challenge

Haven’t felt like creating much art recently, but I had a chance to crank out some things yesterday. Warren, a fellow artist on Twitter (@thedoodledaily), recently started a doodle challenge. He hopes to receive a doodle from as many different countries and cities in the world. I finally took about an hour to doodle something with my Sharpies and brushed a quick acrylic wash of four colors over top of the doodle. I didn’t have to take that long on it, but I couldn’t stop once I got going!

If you would like to join in, check out the rules on Warren’s website. Otherwise, I highly recommend checking out the doodles that have been turned in so far! There are already 133 of them! They are very inspiring. 🙂 Happy doodling!