First Attempt: Art Swap pt. 1

Thank you to everyone who put in their vote for the last blog entry! The piece that will be shipping to my Art Swap peer now carries the name: Roxy! There were a ton of votes towards this name. Even though I had a lot of great additional names, I started to bend toward the majority. It helped to get different opinions. 😉

Last weekend I was really artistically charged so I decided to work on a piece for the Art Swap. Unfortunately, I don’t think it ended well but at the beginning it was going great. At least, I will be able to show the evidence of how beautiful it looked before I painted over it. LOL! Now when I work on these, I go straight to the Sharpie. I do not pencil anything in. Personally, I think I get them done faster when I do it this way, but it leaves me wide open for mistakes. Ha!

When I was working on this Sharpie outline, I decided to fill in some places within the design, and I think it really enhanced the piece.


3 thoughts on “First Attempt: Art Swap pt. 1

  1. Love it Jaimie. I salute you for not penciling first. I can’t do it, I’m a pencil and eraser kind of guy. Getting it right the first time is a real skill. Congrats !!

  2. Ah, excellent. Roxy is just about perfect, methinks. 🙂

  3. @Marty Thanks, Marty! When I do take the time to pencil it out first, it just takes me too long to get it finished. So I risk the mistakes and start out in the marker. Really it is my impatience. LOL.

    @Jamie You better think it is perfect since it is her name now! LOL. 🙂 Thanks!

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