2nd Entry for World Doodle Challenge

Finally had a chance to scan in my second doodle for the World Doodle Challenge and sent it to @thedoodledaily for him to post it on the site. I encourage everyone to join in! The idea is to receive doodles from as many different countries and cities as possible.

This time around I incorporated some silhouettes, which I used to do all the time when I was in high school. I tried to make it different from the doodles I have been drawing lately. Kind of wish I didn’t do a wash of acrylic paints because the black Sharpie on white paper looked so nice.


4 thoughts on “2nd Entry for World Doodle Challenge

  1. Alright, Jaime!
    Looks great! That’s an acrylic wash? (I need to try out more paints LOL)
    This has a psychedelic thing mixed with an unknown (which you probably know… 🙂 ) Awesome.

  2. Jaime, So happy to have you take part in the world doodle challenge again. This is a great piece. Hopefully we can encourage others to join in the doodle fun. I am slowly gathering doodles from all over the world.

    All the best

  3. I think your rss feed is broken, please fix!

  4. I am glad I can take part in the World Doodle Challenge, Warren! 🙂

    Thanks, gonzalexx! Yes, you should definitely play more with your paints even if you don’t have much room to do it in. Though I can understand if your little one will want to play with the paint too.

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