Sketchbook Project Sample

Over the past several weeks, I have been trying to finish a sketchbook for the Art House Coop’s The Sketchbook Project. Finally, last Tuesday I was happily able to mail it off on the due date! I was so thrilled to finish it because I was getting tired of staying up late to work on it and my hands were tired of the constant drawing and painting. Though I have to admit that I am extremely proud of myself for filling the sketchbook! It is exciting to know that it will be a part of a sketchbook tour traveling around the US. Once the tour is done, it will be in permanent collection at the Brooklyn Art Library.

I don’t want to show the sketchbook in it’s entirety yet. I will be stretching the pages over the course of this year, I believe. My theme I choose is Nighttime Stories. We didn’t have to stick with theme, but I interpreted it as a boy and girl tucked away safely in bed listening to stories. Then the rest of the book, I tried to make it seem like the fairy tale world was opening up in their dreams.

Technically, I wanted to do more with my cover, but my mom pressed me to keep it simple because she thought it looked great the way it was. I used metallic markers on the dark blue surface.

During the process, I tried to take a few WIP photographs. Here is one of my favorite spreads where I used a ballpoint sketch you may remember. I started out creating the background pattern freehand with a Sharpie. Enlarged and printed out a copy of my ballpoint sketch and pasted it in.

From there I continued to painted over top of everything with acrylics to make it a part of the page.

Now for the finished spread! With each character, I had a feeling about what their hair and skin would look like, and she looked like a redhead to me!


6 thoughts on “Sketchbook Project Sample

  1. Beautiful work, Jaime!
    And hard!
    This is the type of item that would send a vibe of creativity to whomever holds it. Like a magic book or something. LOL!!!! seriously.
    I do have one question.
    Painting with acrylics (I haven’t tried it). Doesn’t it get sticky? I mean, the pages, don’t they stick together?
    It is simply awesome.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful comments, Jose! I hope people will feel like they are holding a magical book. 😉

    I tend to use acrylics lightly. I paint in layers. That is how I did it when I was taught in oils, and I have carried it with me over to acrylics. It probably would be sticky at first if you pile it on. These pages are prepped with gesso to make them stronger. When I finished a spread, I tried to allow it to dry over night so the moisture would be gone. Now if you tend to pile paint, you will want it to stay open for a longer amount of time. But acrylics do dry quickly. You will wake up to the pages curled but during the next day I make sure I pile my heaviest books on top of it to flatten it out. Works for me. I even do it for my other sketchbooks!

  3. Looks wonderful, Jaime, well done. 🙂

  4. Thank you, Jamie!

  5. I can’t believe I am seeing this for the first time! Jaime your flowers are gorgeous! I just love that pattern. You really went all out with the details! Wow! Will have to check your book out at the Brooklyn Library for sure! =)

  6. Thanks, Liz! I think when I was posting about the entry you were not on at the time. I am glad you like the pattern. I really love creating them. Though after doing that to several pages, I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish the sketchbook in time if I continued. I had to change it up throughout the book. Thank you for checking it out and leaving such lovely comments!

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