Vintage Post: Creativity

Why am I calling this post Vintage? Well, my friend, since I am phasing out my long time Xanga blog, I will be bringing over some of my older posts on here so they don’t completely disappear off the face of the earth. Whether you are reading them for the first or second time, I hope you still enjoy the “Vintage Post” series.

Originally posted: Sunday, 22 February 2009

“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.” -HENRY DAVID THOREAU

I tried to draw something quick last night in pencil, but again I ended up really enjoying what I was drawing and continued to work on it through the night.

Every time I draw a character on the page, I feel it becomes too lonely looking and begin drawing more people around her. When I sit and sketch I can’t help but make a collage of images together to fill up the page. The drawing may not make sense, but I am entertained by it while I render such a piece. 
Before I stick the image I did in, I would like to quote an activity out of the book called “The New Creative Artist: A Guide to Developing your Creative Spirit” by Nita Leland.

Do a Drawing a Day

“Reinforce your drawing habit. Draw something- anything- every day. Keep a pencil and paper in the family room, in the kitchen and in the car. Draw odds and ends: a phone, soda can, bone, pencil sharpener, teakettle or geranium plant. Draw from memory and imagination: an apple orchard, the neighbor’s dog, a man-eating flower, a frog who is a prince, a Martian.

Draw with your right hand, then your left; with your eyes open or closed. Whenever you see a pencil, pick it up and draw. You learn to draw by drawing.”


4 thoughts on “Vintage Post: Creativity

  1. How beautiful. I love the way you’ve drawn the wings. We’ve got an art contest going on our blog we’d like to invite you to participate in.


  2. @Ermilia Thank you very much for stopping by and taking a look! I was trying to do something different with the wings. 🙂 How wonderful that you have an art contest going on! I will definitely check it out and hopefully get something entered.

  3. This is a beautiful and delicate drawing

  4. @Littleskew Thank you very much! I appreciate the compliments and the likes.

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