Doodle Curls

New Year’s Resolutions… I tend to never do them because I rarely remember or accomplish them. I would rather take things a day at a time, but this year I would like to attempt to fill my Art Journal that I have been playing around in for the past two years. I have a tendency to see a brand spanking new sketchbook and buy it, but I have never finished a sketchbook on my own except for two! One of them was filled because I used it for two college drawing classes and the other was for last years Sketchbook Project. A lot of times when I am drawing it is for someone else (gift, etc.) so that goes on loose leaf paper.

An unfilled sketchbook can be daunting to all of us, but I have been subscribing to the philosophy that says:

Do not to worry about what you put in your sketchbook.

Doodle! Paint! Get the color or lines out to exercise your hand and brain. Since I enjoy drawing hair or curls, I had a little fun with my black Sharpie on a couple of pages I had painted ahead of time.

What are some other artist’s resolutions? Or goals for this year?



2 thoughts on “Doodle Curls

  1. Resolutions… nah… I’ll call them drives –
    – draw whatever, no matter what
    – draw, ink, paint an undefined number of pieces, frame some of them, put some of them on display at home, and maybe even in a gallery, just for kicks
    – rekindle my music side big time (got a new electric guitar… that’s motivation enough for me)
    – of course, for work, dig into all the tech I need for my job, and dish it out like a boss.
    As for your sketchbook attitude. I suggest you just draw like your doing… I use mine for roughs, and finished things (meaning I don’t think of them – the sketchbook itself – as a finished collection) – you can always work up whatever doesn’t look good into something new and interesting.
    — above all, don’t let circumstances stop you from creating anything.
    Go for it, Jamie!

  2. @gonzalexx Drives works for me! 🙂 That is a great list! Awesome about the new electric guitar. I never got into the guitar too much. I was always more into my piano. Thanks for the suggestions for my sketchbook. 🙂

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