Vintage Post: Part of My Drawing IV Final Project

Here is another post from my older blog. I was in the last semester of college at the time and immersed in a project that I would like to eventually finish.

Original Post: March 15, 2009

For the past two days, I have been finishing up one of my drawings for Drawing IV class. It is my personal project that I am starting to freak out about because I am supposed to do 10 of these. Since I am drawing them in graphite and they have to be a large size, they are taking a lot of time!

The idea behind my project first sprouted from the old vanitas (which means vanity in Latin) still lifes. They are usually devoted to reflecting on the shortness of life by being subliminal in still lifes by using flowers, tabletops, smoking paraphernalia, or luxury goods. More obvious symbols of mortality used were skulls, burning candles, pipes about to burn out, bubbles, or clocks. The main idea is to make the viewer contemplate the work, look at it longer than a glance, and challenge a silent debate. Every person, who looks at an image, brings his or her own experience to that piece making it a type of symbolic still life painting.

Each of the 10 drawings I will be doing are going to be portraits of family members who have passed on or are still living. Only they are not going to have the actual person in them, objects that were their own items or things that remind me of them will be used to form the portrait. The one I finished last night is my Mom’s portrait because when I was growing up she would play the piano for me, and I was always fascinated by her jewelry box. I could even point out the music on the piano and items inside the jewelry box and what they mean too. I know the image isn’t the best. I took several pics with my camera, and it kept wanting to give it a fisheye appearance and bleach out!

Title: Mom 
Medium: Graphite
Size: ~28″ x 32″


3 thoughts on “Vintage Post: Part of My Drawing IV Final Project

  1. Glad you are re-posting some of your earlier work. This is beautiful!

  2. This drawing is stunning, absolutely beautiful!

  3. @gonzalexx Thank you! Yeah, I thought this one was definitely worth re-posting. It is still one of my favorite drawings that I have done. I need to get back into drawing like this again.

    @Littleskew Thank you very much! It took many hours to do and was definitely worth the time. My professor at the time loved them, and I gained an “A” from it. 😉

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