Vintage Post: Charcoal Nude

One of the things I do miss about figure drawing class is being able to have a model to draw from. I absolutely love drawing in charcoal, but it is so messy and gets everywhere. It is so hard to keep the stuff on the paper too. Even after you spray all sorts of fixative on it, the charcoal still wants to come off on your hands just not as much as before.

Original Post Date: April 5, 2009

This was a charcoal drawing I had done in my Drawing II class a couple of semesters ago. The model was great, and I was really loving the fabric around her. I wanted the fabric to have as much life as the model and have it be on the verge of being something more than just cloth.



Vintage Post: Finalized Cat Character

Here is the final digital piece created in Photoshop for the digital illustration class I took in college. There are some perspective issues in her face that bug me, but overall I thought it turned out pretty cool. I could have pushed the character further with the coloring, but there were so many other things I had to do that semester and time had to be divided among all the projects.

Original Post Date: April 2, 2009

WIP: Art Journal Pages

Thought I would post up a few of my art journal pages that are still in progress. The first page is appropriate for the month of February. I could possibly consider this a finished page, but I have this feeling it isn’t complete. Not sure where I will take it from here though. Thinking about some delicate linework within the hearts.

This next page has taken a while because I only work on it a little bit at a time. I really love a lot of the sections. At first, I thought it was almost complete except for the lower left hand corner, but I may go back in and darken up some blocks to pop out certain areas.

I wanted to create another page using straight lines that I would break up and use organic lines within. I used a white page this time, and I may do a paint splatter look. It hasn’t told me exactly what it needs yet. LOL. Even though the page above inspired it, it turned out very different. Actually, this reminds me of shattered glass.

Vintage Post: Exploration of Cat Character

Another previous post from my first blog! This contains the sketches I had to create for a college digital illustration class. These were what I drew before I decided on the B&W cat I posted a few entries back. Looking back, I wish I had gone with the She Cat from the top left of the first page (she has a delicate claw in a fish bowl).

Original Post date: March 24, 2009

Thought I would post up some of my brainstorming that I drew out when I was working on coming up with a character for Illustration class. All of you have possibly seen the already computerized and toned drawing below. At the beginning, I wasn’t sure whether to mix a cat with a human body or just keep it as a cat with a cartoon flare.

Do you draw out several ideas for characters before settling on one?

Art Journal: Chrysanthemum Doodles

Doodling helps me decompress and I decided to do one that was simple but take a lot of time. I drew out circles and half circles to create doodled Chrysanthemum flowers. I also experimented with thickening some of the lines to draw your eye around the art journal page. The page had been painted a while ago, and I had not decided what to do with it until recently. Now it is one of my favorites!

Great lesson for artists who can get frustrated  with their work. It isn’t bad if you need to step away from it and work on something else. “Good things come to those who wait.” 😉