Art Journal: Chrysanthemum Doodles

Doodling helps me decompress and I decided to do one that was simple but take a lot of time. I drew out circles and half circles to create doodled Chrysanthemum flowers. I also experimented with thickening some of the lines to draw your eye around the art journal page. The page had been painted a while ago, and I had not decided what to do with it until recently. Now it is one of my favorites!

Great lesson for artists who can get frustrated  with their work. It isn’t bad if you need to step away from it and work on something else. “Good things come to those who wait.” 😉


4 thoughts on “Art Journal: Chrysanthemum Doodles

  1. I agree 100%… sometimes stepping away is the best thing you can do. This came out pretty cool by the way… very cool.

  2. @Martytoons Thanks, Marty! Especially, if it is making you not enjoy the process.

  3. Wonderful – I’m not a fine or a trained artist, but love working in the art journal genre – this approach is so accessible and as you say, therapeutic! Love it…

  4. @kartikasays Thank you! I believe everyone is an artist at heart, but it depends on whether they choose to work with it. 🙂 It is something that takes practice and some knowledge as well. Which you luck with your art journaling!

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