4×6 Exchange

There hasn’t be enough time to start on my silhouette project that is bouncing around in my head, but I realized I had a post I never finalized. Sorry this is old news, but it doesn’t mean I can’t share the work I created. 🙂

The same people who organized The Sketchbook Project had another project last year called the 4×6 Exchange. Their idea was to have creatives sign up for an art swap on a global scale. The artists who wanted to join in the fun had to mail Art House HQ a 4″x6″ piece of artwork, and it would be exchanged with another artist’s submission. I have done something similar to this but with a bunch of Twitter artists (@davidpringle taking the lead). So, I knew right away I wanted to be a part of the project.

Of course, I was in the doodle mood and broke out the Sharpies. Most of the time when I draw these doodles, I end up deciding whether I really want to add the acrylic or leave it alone. To preserve what it looked like before color, I scan it and that way I always have a before and after image to keep.

The BEFORE is only Sharpie ink. The AFTER is acrylic on top of the Sharpie.

4x6 Exchange WIP

4×6 Exchange WIP

4x6 Exchange Final

4×6 Exchange Final



Anonymous Silhoutte (WIP?)

Artists are forever hoping the hours slipping by will freeze so we can finish our projects. It’s amazing how much time can pass when you are dealing with every day life. I feel I have sorely neglected my blog and intend to get back into it. Lately, I have had a HUGE artist’s block and putting aside some time to work on my craft has rendered me useless or furious that the thoughts swirling in my head are not coming out on paper the way I want them to.

Once I spoke with some fellow artists on Twitter last night, my mind’s squeaky wheels were finally starting to turn. On my drawing board was an inked drawing I had worked on in the fall of last year. It is tentatively a work-in-progress because I had originally wanted to paint lovely colors or a pattern behind the woman I had drawn. Many of my friends chirped their opinion to leave it alone because they enjoyed the B&W drawing that I share with you below. Not sure where I will take it from here…

When I was younger, I used to love drawing silhouettes, and I realized maybe it is time to go back to what I used to create. Possibly, a series of silhouettes will help break me out of this creative block! Wish me luck!

Anonymous Silhouette

Anonymous Silhouette