Artist Trading Cards

A friend of mine hosted an artist trading card swap during a small art show opening. Since I have only participated in art swaps that involve the post office, I was excited to go out and be an active participant in selecting the art I would receive in return for my cards. You could do up to five 2.5″x3.5″ cards, but I ended up only having enough time to draw, ink, and paint three.

Rihanna in progress.

I have had these screenshots on my iPad for MONTHS from various music videos I loved. For some reason, it occurred to me that I could finally use these screenshots as inspiration for the cards. Unexpectedly, I ended up enjoying doing the series so much, that I have continued the theme onto larger sizes of watercolor paper for an art show I have been accepted into. Definitely having a blast creating the work and can’t wait to see what more comes out of it! 🙂

Madonna and Jessie J inked and ready for paint!

The first drawing I had completed was Jessie J so it didn’t occur to me until I had sketched out Madonna that I should fill the background with my doodles. There are a lot of people now who are familiar with my doodles, but have no idea that I can draw more realistic. I have played with mixing the two before, but not quite in this way. I did end up choosing to use only three colors: red, green, and blue to paint with for all three which made them pull together as a series even more than in ink form.

The final three.

Artist Trading Cards

I can’t remember what I named Rihanna, but Madonna’s piece was named: “I was sad and blue.” Jessie J’s card was named: “Stomp stomp I’ve arrived!”

Medium: Mixed media (ballpoint, Prismacolor Illustration markers, and Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Paint) on watercolor paper.


4×6 Exchange

There hasn’t be enough time to start on my silhouette project that is bouncing around in my head, but I realized I had a post I never finalized. Sorry this is old news, but it doesn’t mean I can’t share the work I created. 🙂

The same people who organized The Sketchbook Project had another project last year called the 4×6 Exchange. Their idea was to have creatives sign up for an art swap on a global scale. The artists who wanted to join in the fun had to mail Art House HQ a 4″x6″ piece of artwork, and it would be exchanged with another artist’s submission. I have done something similar to this but with a bunch of Twitter artists (@davidpringle taking the lead). So, I knew right away I wanted to be a part of the project.

Of course, I was in the doodle mood and broke out the Sharpies. Most of the time when I draw these doodles, I end up deciding whether I really want to add the acrylic or leave it alone. To preserve what it looked like before color, I scan it and that way I always have a before and after image to keep.

The BEFORE is only Sharpie ink. The AFTER is acrylic on top of the Sharpie.

4x6 Exchange WIP

4×6 Exchange WIP

4x6 Exchange Final

4×6 Exchange Final


Received my Art Swap!

When I came home from work last Friday, my ArtSwap piece was waiting for me! Completely didn’t expect it so soon so it was a pleasant surprise.

Of course, I tore into it carefully and it revealed…

…another box. How many layers protected this piece? Looks like we may be getting close.

Tah dah! Counting the plastic, there were four layers of bundled excitement! Once the clear plastic was taken off, it revealed a wonderfully colorful work titled:

by Mary Koster (@MaryKoster)

She is one sneaky chica too because on the day of shipping the ArtSwap pieces, we were talking about what she was doing for it! I had no idea I was the one she was shipping it out to. I thought she did an excellent job, and I can’t wait to get a frame for it. 🙂 Definitely check out her blog post about her experiences with ArtSwap!

First Attempt: Art Swap pt. 1

Thank you to everyone who put in their vote for the last blog entry! The piece that will be shipping to my Art Swap peer now carries the name: Roxy! There were a ton of votes towards this name. Even though I had a lot of great additional names, I started to bend toward the majority. It helped to get different opinions. 😉

Last weekend I was really artistically charged so I decided to work on a piece for the Art Swap. Unfortunately, I don’t think it ended well but at the beginning it was going great. At least, I will be able to show the evidence of how beautiful it looked before I painted over it. LOL! Now when I work on these, I go straight to the Sharpie. I do not pencil anything in. Personally, I think I get them done faster when I do it this way, but it leaves me wide open for mistakes. Ha!

When I was working on this Sharpie outline, I decided to fill in some places within the design, and I think it really enhanced the piece.

Fall Art Swap WIP

This is actually my second attempt at creating an Art Swap piece. The first one looked great when it was only the Sharpie marker lines, but I the good feeling soon faded when I ended up not being thrilled with it once I painted over top of it. There is something about the painted woman that I don’t like. So I broke out another 8×10 sheet of heavy art paper and started again. Once I finished this Sharpie marker drawing, I was nervous about painting over top of it. I almost didn’t do it, but I have moved on and completed it. NOW it is satisfactory! For the moment, I am only showing you what the line work looks underneath the acrylic.

Art Swap Fall 2010!

Do you love to create, share, and receive art? David Pringle (@dpringle) has made it possible for artists to share a piece of themselves with their creative peers. The artists who participate are from all over the world! I participated in the last art swap that was earlier this year in May. The response David was receiving in the Twitter world was really impressive. What made me join was not only the idea of the Art Swap but how everyone else responded. Everywhere I looked on Twitter, I felt people were talking about the Art Swap and was able to see artist’s processes or the photos of the pieces they were going to send out. The thrill of sending a piece to Mexico for @niniamurcielago to enjoy and then receiving beautiful artwork from Petra Mosher (@kaminenmosher) was hard to describe. But I was happy to be a part of the community that was built for the Art Swap.

Once David mentioned he was going to have another Art Swap registration, I immediately signed up no questions asked. This time around we will have to send a piece no larger than 8″x10″ out to our “secret artist” by November 17th. If you are a sculptor, keep the size under 12 inches. If you are a photographer, you will send a high-quality art print from a limited, signed series. I encourage you to jump in and take part in this creative endeavor!

If you would like to learn more about the Art Swap, please visit David’s website to read the rules and sign up!